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Together with ISC online tutors, curriculum developers and tech experts, we combine pedagogy with technology taking ISC online tuition to another level. Many ISC students who were coached by our team of elite ISC tutors at College Placers cleared JEE/NEET with good ranks. If they can, so can you. At our organisation, we strive to identify some unique challenges and opportunities for young learners in an online environment. We pride ourselves on having created a team of expert online ISC tutors who are committed to the cause of raising your learning standards. They are a bunch of highly motivated educators whose mission is to create engaging resources for ISC learners by leveraging years of their subject knowledge and innovative tech skills. For instance, it is a well-known fact that the ISC Board puts a massive amount of emphasis on English literature and language. The ISC tutoring program we deliver online is designed in a way to enhance the student’s communication skills, along with providing them in-depth information about several concepts in elective subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, SST, and much more.

Our ISC students have made a mark for themselves in the fields of marketing, management, accounting, writing and policy, going on to become leaders, innovators, change-makers and techpreneurs. Our reliance on technology has made us leaders in the marketplace, with 100% of our students passing ISC with flying colours. Signing up with us is fairly simple: you can schedule a demo session with our specialised online ISC tutor at any time of the day or night. Based on your individual needs and requirements, we pair you up with a suitable tutor instantly. Within hours after you booked with us, you will be introduced to your ISC online tutor with whom you can kickstart your online academic journey. Regardless of whether you’re looking for support in a specific area you struggle in or you wish to improve your understanding of a subject, you can receive tailored advice from us on how to maximise your exam revision process and boost your grades.

As far as resources are concerned, our explanatory videos, differentiated assignments and tests that cater to your shortcomings for reinforcing concepts are a couple of the various ways we assist our ISC student base. In addition, we have memorable and strong openings and closings and leave ample time at the end of the online ISC tuitions for queries and brainstorming sessions. You can choose to take classes from the comfort of your home either on the weekends or weekdays; we operate 24*7 to ensure we enforce a problem-solving approach in all our learners and transform them into world leaders. Our tailored online ISC tuition classes will help you ascertain your deficiencies and work on them. To do this, you can refer to recordings of our ISC tutoring classes while revising concepts for unit tests, practice assessments or yearly exams. We wholeheartedly support our students from grades 5th to 12th in achieving their dreams, no matter how big or small it is. Our team of ISC online tuition teachers work hard to solve your doubts round the clock 24*7 and complete your syllabus well in time

Apart from the tutoring services that we have already mentioned, we also help our students shortlist 3-5 subjects of their choice of stream out of the 30+ electives. ISC Board is at par with CBSE and other state boards, which is why it is extremely paramount that your preparation is top-notch. In comparison with other Boards in India, ISC lays an immense amount of emphasis on problem-solving skills and practical approach rather than forcing students to rote learn. This is disadvantageous for you if you are inclined towards mugging up theory two days before the exam. To top the yearly ISC exams, we expect our students to be consistent. We will apprise you with exemplary study techniques and even provide you with an unlimited wealth of practice papers to ensure that you reach the goals you set for yourselves. Our ISC online tutoring program is a perfect fit for any ISC student who seeks improvement in a particular concept or area of the syllabus. Contact us to have a tutor in place within hours and we assure you that we will be on hand every step of the way to answer your questions and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your online tuition journey. From our perspective, there is no better platform than College Placers to prepare you for a bright future.