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about college placer
about college placer

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College Placers is a radical online education platform with the objective of transforming the way we learn, one IB student at a time. Our platform provides personalised online IB tutoring services as per your convenient time tailored to your individual academic needs. To do this, we’ve recruited top IB tutors with a minimum of 5 years teaching/online IB tutoring experience and a 3-year bachelor degree in their field. Our team, which comprises expert IB Physics tutors, IB English tutors, IB Maths tutors, IB Biology tutors, IB Chemistry tutors and IB Economics tutors, has gone through rigorous training to acclimatise themselves to the virtual tutoring atmosphere. To further enhance the quality of our IB online tuitions, our IB tutors depend on a tech toolkit to make our IB online tuitions engaging and interactive. Our reliance on online collaboration tools, research-based assessments, diagnostic tests and interactive assignments make learning child’s play for our students.

To set IB students up for guaranteed success and boost their creativity, we incorporate visual data and gamification in our IB online tuitions. This ensures that a variety of activities that are often inaccessible in the traditional classroom due to large class size can be incorporated in a 1-on-1 IB tuition session. In fact, studies conducted by Oxford have proven that diverse multimedia components retain the interest and attention of learners, which is particularly crucial when teaching today’s video-oriented generation. In addition, we have memorable and strong openings and closings and leave ample time at the end of the IB tuitions for queries and undirected discussion. We also collect data on student progress on a weekly basis by conducting formative, summative and practice assessments and continually share these updates with all the stakeholders involved, including families

We’re a student-data led institution where we let valuable data generated in IB tuitions inform our way of teaching and by extension, our classroom practices. The number one job of our IB Math tutors, IB English tutors, IB Chemistry tutors, IB Physics tutors, IB Biology tutors and IB Economics tutors, irrespective of which subject area we teach, is to be 100% faithful to authentic student learning. Our specialised IB tutors spend painstaking effort in collecting student information that influences what we “reteach, review and readjust”. Data from quizzes, exit slips, literary analysis essays and end-of-unit tests lead us to adjust pacing for IB students or scaffold if they’re struggling with a particular concept or theory.

We’ve observed that other self-paced online learning platforms for IB students offer little to no human interaction. Through trial and error, we’ve found that the 1-on-1 time a student spends with their IB tutor benefits them immensely. However, our interaction with our pupils goes beyond IB online tuition as we strive to stay in touch with them to resolve their queries round-the-clock 24*7. Sometimes, we come across students who due to lack of motivation perform poorly on assessments or have inconsistent test scores. Before an IB exam, we offer a quick review of strategies or a brief pep talk, depending on where they stand, for lowering their test anxiety. There is a lot of information to be gained from having such individual conversations with students who have these contradictions between their assessment scores and their classroom grades and performance.

To make 1-on-1 learning work, our team of driven IB tutors acknowledge that it needs to be affordable and accessible by all. At College Placers, we offer free demo classes and are incredibly flexible in terms of how you choose to pay. You may not necessarily need an IB tutor for a set number of months, but instead, you require a homework helper every once in a while to break down complex concepts or help with Maths sums. That's where we come in. Our pricing model is best suited for quick explainers at any time of the day or night. You can rest assured that we go the extra mile to attract the cream of the crop.

College Placers only hires the top 3% of IB tutor applications they receive, so you can be certain you are getting the best IB tutors. In addition to that, we only work with full-time IB teachers so the faculty here is committed to ensuring you succeed. Our team has experts in SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, Accuplacer, CLEP, Pre AP and AP exam prep and also specialise in varying learning styles and exceptionalities. Irrespective of what your level of study is, you will find a licensed online tutor for yourself from the comfort of your couch. If you’re an elementary, middle, or high school student, you can connect with the most experienced and diverse faculty from around the world. If you’re seeking college admissions or are a college student, you can benefit from holding online tutoring sessions with subject experts of your choice holding a Master's or an M.Phil. degree.

Moreover, you have the privileged option of reviewing tutor profiles to select someone who can help you with your specific tutoring needs. The best way to get a quick response is to send help requests to individual tutors simultaneously. The camera and microphone are vital tools to make our sleek IB classes more interactive. We highly recommend taking a free demo lesson so that you’re familiar with the environment of the flipped session. You can speak live with the IB tutor in the class, chat via instant messaging, share a whiteboard on which you can write, type or draw, drag and drop images onto the whiteboard, share files like homework assignments, diagrams, graphs and tests or ask for permission to share the computer or phone screen. You also receive the opportunity to record your sessions, which means that you can replay them once the live session ends as many times as you want to recapitulate concepts and revise for upcoming exams. Once you’ve completed your live session, we suggest you leave feedback for your tutor to ensure that we provide you with only the best tutors. With that being said, connect with us at College Placers right away to have a one-of-a-kind learning experience!